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1967 Esposizione Personale alla Galleria Venezia - Milano
1967 Premio Nazionale Bianco e Nero - Cantu'
1968 Personale alla Galleria Jean Guidot - Parigi
1968 Premio Mario Rho di pittura - Como
1968 Premio Nazionale di pittura - Novate
1969 Personale alla Galleria Triade di Torino
1970 Personale alla New Directions Art Center - Milano
1970 Premio di pittura Giovanni Segantini - Trento
1971 Mostra del surrealismo alla Galleria Acorias - Londra
1971 Invitato alla Galleria Birch di Stoccarda
1973 Mostra Internazionale di pittura della montagna - S. Vincent
1974 Personale alla Galleria il Mercante - Milano
1974 Personale all'ex Arengario - Milano
1975 Personale Comune di Milano - Ripartizione culturale 
1976 Personale Studio D'arte Bellomo - Milano
1978 Personale Palazzo dei Priori - Perugia
1979 Collettiva Palazzo Reale - Milano
1979 Mostra Internazionale _ Parigi
1979 Personale Galleria Pobitzer - Merano
1980 Centro Internazionale CIDA - Bologna
1980 Isola Tiberina Fatebenefratelli - Roma
1980 Goito - Mantova
1981 Biblioteca Civica Luigi Maino - Gallarate
1995 L'oro di Noma - Centro Culturale
1997 Simon Patrich Gallery - Vancouver
2003 Sede Banca Popolare di Novara


He took part to several activies around the world. Some of his works are part of private collections, for example the Prada Collection.

Famous art critics have expressed flattering judgments about Ubaldo's works: Gino Traversi, Giorgio Kasserlian, Carlo Munari, Mastrolonardo, Giorgio Pacifici, Roberto Bonamico, il Professore Santino Sparta, Giornalista Critico Vaticano, Heinz Saalig - Ursula Kutscher D. Ferenz, Frankfürter Neue Presse Taunsbote Fiiedberger Anzeiga, Taunus - Kurier, Frankfürter Nadirichten. Corriere d'Italia.


In one of the most famous Zen koan Japanese there are questions so everyone knows the sound of two hands clapping, but what is the sound of one hand clapping. So I believe that in addition to the sound of the words spoken there is also the sound of words unspoken and that this truth over the word today constitutes the deepest goal and most advanced research Bricco. A truth that allows to get to reach the light spot along the legendary and coveted real and alleged. To reach Bricco makes use of lines and devoid of all forms and the creation of new forms by the sign do you return to the sound to express an overrun of each style of writing the endless vibrations of the Universe ...

Giorgio Pacifici


... Bricco is the narrator of a remote legend starring the Homo Faber who, however, builds his world incessantly transforming not already dictated the need of socio-economic rather than those made by the poetic imagination. Image after image this world is decanted into a dreamlike atmosphere sometimes disturbing but more often serene. Almost caressing a reality to be conquered for the happiness of the clan that in that space has elected residence in an atmosphere will add immediately that holds the observer leading him along paths mysterious and highly evocative ...

Carlo Munari


Wanting to clarify the nature and characteristics of this painting is the inevitable reference to the music. In fact, it goes relived inwardly as a musical score of a certain quality that hardly penetrated the first audizione.è note the vast culture of Bricco in this specific area so seems natural as its expression both graphical and pictorial draws and is nourished of his musical talent. Rhythms are rather slow and sometimes solemn that arise from internal vibrations. Speaking in architecture or related signs of a rediscovery of nature in its simple values and mighty. From contained surreal atmosphere forms emerge slowly staring as sudden appearances of cathedrals or beings born on the ridge that divides reality from dreams from fantasy ...

Gino Traversi


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